IMO STATE’s:industrialization

I should begin it this way-IMO state’s industrial developement is beyond the present generation’s thinking.But we can reveal the solution for them,if possible solve it for them.
It is true that IMO state has not much resources,thinking it this way will not bring the light of the solution to our brain.
Here is a shortlist of some industrial raw materials found in IMO state.*cocoa*coke*timbers*fruits*cotton trees*crude oil in minimum*palm fruits*and other raw materials can still be imported from other nearby states.
Stortlist of industries that can be established,
(1)Textile industries.
(2)Paper mill industries.
(4)Fruit juice drinks factory.
(5)Agro-based industries.
(6)Beverage industries.
(7)Plastic industries.
(8)cosmetics industries.
(9)Baking factories.
*If the government can be able to establish atleast half of the industries shortlisted,then IMO state would be an industrial state,employment and low cost of things will follow,the level of living of the people will rise.
There are three ways to establish this industries.
*Empowering individuals.
*inviting foreign investors.
*Government establishing it.

*The government can support wealthy individuals who are interested in industrial establishment,and to win the interest and also to know who is interested,the government must pass a well known notice and advert,and there must be a document carrying the agreement between government and the individuals. *other important details are beyond the scope of this article,read it on my next article.

*Inviting foreign investors:this seems to be a cake to the government,the government can invite foreign investors from a well advanced and aknowledged company.before reaching to an agreement between the state and the investors,the state must analyze the policies for the agreement to their own advantage first before passing it on to the investors.failing to do so will result to a poor development. Other details will be on my next article.

*Government establishing it:this is the most benefiting investment to the state,if not that the government finds it difficult to maintain the states property,on this note I will hereby advice that the constitution should be used as an act to compel the government on maintenance of states property.every set of government must obey the constitution,thereby solving the problem of low maintenance of the states property.

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