A mind blowing memory
Sometimes we believe in things, some of us actually don’t believe in anything while others believe in themselves.Believing in other things can’t make you strong, rather it inspires you. Now i want to be strong, I don’t want inspiration any longer. During the days of my youth i lived on the outskirts of the city near a shore. my parents were long gone so i lived alone, I loved solitary, never had friends. My life was always lonely the only companion that i could had was the chirping sound of birds and the turbulence roaring of sea tides. At night the cold air from the sea would make me cover myself with a cloak which my mother had bought for me a night before she died.

Soon I found an interest on sky, those mysterious creatures whose mystery I will be revealing to you, they are called the stars. During the summer the sky would be filled with stars at night; these stars illuminates light from the space down to the earth. All in the name of science some people believe that stars are just heavenly bodies or perhaps they are just astronomic bodies which owing to nature they could illuminate lights.
I have lived long enough that I have witnessed and unveiled many things which were hidden in deep secrets. I must tell you this that stars has humanly bodies but they are not in the same shape like we humans. The law of logic states that on wanting to learn you must desire to learn and willing to learn. Perhaps you must be wondering why you have not seen a shooting star, this is because you have not decided to see one. Follow the law of logic then there is nothing which you can’t do.
I am just a small, slender, white haired old man; but mysteries are no longer mysteries to me. When i turned 25 I began to fix things right, at the middle of the year in the month of July 2nd when the moon had been at its height of brightness, something happened and this was the beginning of my story.
I watched the stars on every night, but this night was different from other nights. As I sat inside my room near the window with my whole concentration on the sky. I admired the beauty of the stars; they were many, the sky was clouded with stars. I kept my eyes focused as though I knew that something was about to happen, in a moment I saw something which changed my whole life, a strip of white light about ten micro meter in diameter and its track was about one point five milli meter long, it flew from the east end of the sky and came towards my direction. This was my first time of seeing a shooting star. Then i remember what my father used to say “you only see a shooting star when you are at the verge of greatness” indeed I was at the verge of greatness. Nothing could ever be greater than this knowledge.
I wanted to know more about the stars so the next night I made a prayer to the stars “having been intrigued by your sights I wish to know everything about you and in return I shall make the world set their interest in you”. This was my prayer as my eye was fixed on the brightest star up there. After I made the prayer it was as if the star glittered in some bright attractive colors within the duration of three seconds; this was a sign that my prayer has been accepted.
I turned left and I saw a glittering stone on the ground within the compound. Slowly I walked to the spot and behold this stone was clad in a magnificent brightness. With all fears and doubts kept behind, I picked up the stone. In the moment; suddenly my body was set in an unimaginable and forced vibration and shiver boiling. I can’t remember what happened at that moment But I became normal again within minutes. However I was not my formal self any longer, I have become something which I have never prayed to be.
What happened in the past ten minutes had given me power which one could have heard in fiction stories, but my own was real; I got the ability to teleport and communicate genuinely with the stars. Then I was in love with Elizabeth, the girl with a fairy beauty who comes to the beach every Sunday morning and Thursday evening. She would wear this white gown that could be blown around by the wind. Her smiles made it easy for me to fall for her yet I want to be alone. Elizabeth was a writer with passion, after several attempts by her to make me talk to her, she had decided to give me one of her books as a gift, in exchange for friendship. The name of the Book was “die with me” A very thrilling romantic story. The book too helped me, and I fell for her willing to die with her.
If the stars wanted to communicate with me they would send some messages written in their own language, these massages come to me through my eyes, the massages would always appear at the cornea of my eye and i had the power to unscramble and translate these messages to my own language. The first massage that the stars sent to me was_»¤~¤•¤*
this when translated to my own language it means “welcome to our world friend from now on we shall share mutual friendship with you”.
I was very happy that i have become friends with abstracts. I kept my affairs with the Stars to myself and I never let Elizabeth know anything. My relationship with her was incredibly awesome, we were both in love. Soon I got invitation from the stars to come visit them. It took me one week to prepare for this journey. On the last night before my travel I slept with Elizabeth and this was the first time we have done it, there was blood on her and her screams and tears and pains sealed our love more. With my power I was able to teleport up to the space, I visited many stars. I gained knowledge beyond every other thing on earth. These stars has only one system of life, they are all connected and they do things in harmony. Perhaps there are millions of stars up there but are all one, their reasoning, communication and everything are all in one system.
There are millions of stars up there but during my tour I was able to visit only nine hundred and ninety eight thousand stars, my best friend among them was the orient star which is the brain box and their system of harmony. I stayed two hundred and forty days in the orient, i discussed many things with the orient star, he told me many secrets concerning this earth and life in it. Earlier when i was still on earth before i teleported to the space, I always pondered why and how we humans get spirits in us, owing to the process of production of a baby i was really dazed on this issue, first the sperm goes into the woman and fertilization starts up in the woman’s womb, then the baby starts developing, so how come that when baby is born people will start believing that the baby has a spirit, how do our spirits come into us? Then my friend the orient told me the mystery behind this but he strongly warned me not to tell anyone that it could only mean a blasphemy to the faith of this earth. Blasphemy is an offense which can never be healed even in eternity, and at least am not willing to take the risk. I also learned something that no soul that ever lived knew; Billions of years ago a siege was laid on the kingdom of stars, then they had a second in command which was the sun and the orient was their head, their luminous power was the same, they lived together like a community, as told to me by the orient. Then the sun wasn’t as powerful as it is right now and the stars were equally very bright more than now. The race of the star was at the verge of being wiped off from existence, then the stars came up with a very critical decision, a very tedious one because there were no other option. Heroes are made in times of misfortune. Only brave minds can save a host.
The sun sacrificed himself, it was a critical decision because they knew that he might not be a star again. The sun had to create a chain reaction in himself, by so doing he was able to be very hot and the reaction in him attracted the powers of other stars, this gave him much power and his temperature kept rising until he went nuclear, but before he went nuclear his last word was “never stop calling me the sun”. I wonder how this request was granted. the outcome of his explosion scattered the stars and destroyed their community, this in turn saved the lives of other stars and the siege was destroyed. The star nature of sun was destroyed in the explosion and since then the sun had lost his soul, he became just a burning body with lots of chain reaction going on in its body, but above all, the stars owe him for their existence.
By the time I returned back on earth for a short break, I was welcomed with smiles from a cheerful mother who knew nothing about where I had been, To her, nothing could be more better and great than seeing me again. My beautiful Elizabeth had become a mother already, I didn’t know that our memorable night long ago would bring forth a child. Yet I had to travel again, and learn more from the stars.
” This means “the story continues next time”.

Ima Zuma



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